Friday, June 23, 2017

100 word story - fan

(this 100 word story is inspired by my love for Radiohead, whom I will see LIVE ON STAGE today :D )

She woke to his face every morning.
She stared up at him and admired his body as it swayed to the music that was available at the push of the button on the poster.
He would be on stage right in front of her today.
She checked in at the factory ten minutes later. She worked,and swayed her hips to his music when her supervisors weren't looking.
After work she rushed to the Arena. She sat down in her seat and the lights turned off. His metal body gleamed.
He danced and her little robot heart burst into stars.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Expect Beauty

The other day I sat down and made this image on my art software on my phone as this line played through my head all day.

I went about my day, keeping the image on my phone. Every time my eyes fell on it, I held my breath and smiled.

I started to live by it, gradually. I went to a concert and instead of being afraid that I would have asthma troubles, I expected beauty.

I went into town and found that there was a big market going on. Instead of being afraid of the crowded space, I walked on until I found a stall that sold some gorgeous gemstones.

I posted this image on Instagram and said it is my new mantra.

And it is.

When you expect beauty, you look at the world through eyes of love. You see the world for the miracle that it is. Your breath gets taken away by witnessing people interact gently, lovingly. You are more open to the moment and the surprises it can bring. When you expect beauty, you expect your day to become miraculous.

When you expect beauty, your mind turns to the adventure that life is, When you expect beauty, you see the beauty in everyone, and stop worrying about what others think of you.

When you expect beauty there is no space for anger and fear.

I intend to live this more each day, I intend to live beauty in all its facets.

I intend to live a life ruled by my heart.

And I expect the miracle of beauty at every corner.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Creative goals for week 25

Wow that week zoomed by fast! Setting my goals for creativity was a resounding success.

I have created a lot more, and it made me more eager to check off tasks on my to do list during week too.

I will keep this up, definitely :) Now, let's review my goals of last week.

Blog - pre-write several blog posts for the upcoming weeks
Done! One post to transpose and three more posts to write and then I am all scheduled up for two weeks.

Poetry - write and share 3 poems on Instagram

Learn - watch a video on watercolor techniques and try them all
Didn't do this one, but I did watch a lot of art journaling videos and learned a lot. So I guess I can check this one off too, in a way :)

Art - work on/in my art journal every day
Done! This was such a joy :D

Scrap journaling - film my latest finished journal and post to my YouTube Channel
DONE! Posted it here

Now for next week's goals, I am not going to set formal challenges as I am off to Glastonbury this week.

I do want to doodle each day and to dance a lot :) I will keep you posted in two weeks on how that went <3

What are your creative goals for this week?

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