Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I can only love

I refuse to hate what you do
I refuse to share all you do
What you bring into the world today
Because that hate will make me
As bad as you are

Hate doesn't heal a thing
Hate only festers and
Brings more to hate forward
Hate kills the loving spark
That everyone is born is

So I lovingly raise my middle finger
And kindly say fuck you
To all those who think
The color of their skin
Makes them superior to others

I let my love flow to those
Who are hurt by their words
Who need an embrace and
Heartfelt, unwavering support,
An extended hand in friendship

And, even though it scares me,
I have learned in a lifetime of stories
On what hatred has created
That I need to speak up for love
and firmly walk in kindness and peace

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Finding Stillness - Chords

Finding Stillness is a weekly series on ways I find stillness without meditating. follow the tag to read the other posts.

A month ago I picked up the ukulele I had bought years ago with the intent to learn to play one of my favorite songs ever: Creep by Radiohead.

Ever since, one of my morning routines is grabbing my pretty little purple uke and then play begins.

I start with tuning, as one does, then my right hand seeks the strings (I am left handed) and practice chord changes first.

Before I thought that was grueling work, hence the unused state of my ukulele, now it brings me such joy.

No matter how I feel beforehand, when I put down my ukulele, I am all present and smiling.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lazying about and creativity

I was lazy today. Didn't do a thing all morning, just sat on the sofa, watched TV and slept after that. I had a lot of excuses, didn't have a good night sleep and really felt low in energy as a result.

And then earlier in the afternoon, my creativity came hurtling out. I edited my book, wrote a haiku and then sat down to write this post.

You see, this is what laziness does for me. Before you know it, creativity kicks in and gets to work, unobstructed.

This is why I allow laziness to happen. I know it always results in a mad writing spree, a doodle session or some play in my artjournal.

And at the end of the day, I can tell myself in all honesty that my day has been productive, no matter how lazy it starts!

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