Friday, July 15, 2016

Growing into my Self

I am so very happy to announce that I have started to self-publish my latest poetry book, called Growing into my Self on Wattpad, one or two poems at a time.

In it is a collection of 20-ish poems that I have collected over the last 10 years.

Here is the blurb:

This collection is a journey. Finding my soul, carving a path to who I really am. 
Releasing all the fear, anger and other emotions along the way. 
This is poetry from my soul, and from the depth of anguish that is life sometimes.

I am so proud of my little book! Once I have posted all the poems on Wattpad (which you can read for free!) I will do a small print run for the book, with some bonus poems added to the mix.

You can read the book here.


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