Thursday, October 13, 2016

My journal

My journal is my safe place, my creativity shines
Her pages are filled with scribbles and doodles
Every day, I hold her in my hand and write
My day to joy, my mouth to smiling with the sun

My journal is my heaven, a place to find a way
To new poetry, to art, to the silliest ideas
Every day, ink pours onto her pages and fill them
With all my pens bring to the stark white sheets

My journal is my adventure, each day I sit and
Let my words find their way, each word swishes
Like water on the coast of my self, reaching out
And taking what wants to be shared, for me

My journal is my meditation, where I find calm
In the slightly skipping pen, always mindful
Always aware of the stroke on the page, curving
Along on my breaths, to deep contentment


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