Monday, November 21, 2016

From the heart

I am here, in the safety of my blog
And I write a poem, from my heart
Because that is the only way to speak
What is truth and what is compassion

For the past weeks I have felt so
Deeply heartbroken and optimistic
Alternating between each other like
The sun battling with dark clouds

I remember so many stories of pain
Spoken to me when I was a child
By people who lived during wars
Famine and destruction of humanity

I remember the tales of bravery
Of young people smiling bright in
Pictures with frayed edges, images
In a now where they no longer lived

And my heart aches, have we lost
All sense of what they lived through?
The freedom that they fought for?
The peace that prevailed through all?

I don't want to lose my positive nature
My sense of faith in a world a-changing
I want to hold on to the thread of peace
One that binds us all, if, in love we unite


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I'm a survivor

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