Saturday, November 5, 2016

Keep Calm and Don't Spend

I'm on a financial diet right now.
The rest of the year is devoted to no-spend (well, no-spend on anything for me, other than food of course 😀 I am buying gifts!)

So far so good, and that is in part because I have a new method of counteracting my "Oh wow! That is so cool I need it now!"-shopping impulse.
I go to the site that has the thing that catches my eye, add the thing to my cart, browse the site for some new things I want want want want want and then...
Then I click the X.
I don't buy it. I realized that shopping and buying things you really don't need is all about the rush, the feeling of finding something cool and new that (you think) will make your life a whole lot better. I have news for you: most of the time it doesn't.
But, if I do find something that makes me want to hit that check out button, I add it to my wish list, or, in case of books, my to read list.
For the rest, shopping is all about finding the gem.
And, for now, I am fine with admiring the gems from a distance.


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