Sunday, December 4, 2016

An ode to Blogger

Time for some geeky gratitude in this Gratitude month!

For years I've hopped from one blogging platform to the next, experimenting up a storm with ways to blog. My main rules were that my blog should be easy to maintain and I should be able to post from my phone too (the later became a requirement when I got my first smartphone).

I have kept my blog on Blogger, Ghost, as a self-hosted Wordpress, in Posterous (before Twitter killed it), Posthaven, on Tumblr and, in one of its very early stages, Typepad.

And now I am back to Blogger.

It is so versatile and simple. When my blog was on Wordpress I spent so much time tinkering with it to make it useable, that I hardly posted. Moving back to Blogger was a breath of fresh air.

I love that I can write blog posts both on my computer and on my phone. On my phone I write the post in a text editor (Byword) and then send them to Blogger.

I also add my ideas for posts straight into my Blogger too. I just save everything as draft and work on the post later.

I used to do this in Evernote, and then completely forgot about my ideas :)


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