Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Be grateful for the simple things

I started my day with feeling pain. I have been in a chronic pain flare for the past three days, and it sucks.

But, in my ever-present search for play, I have learned to count my blessings in such circumstances.

And one of those blessings is being able to doodle!

Yesterday my hand hurt too much to doodle. Today the pain was much less, so I grabbed my notepad and pencil and started to doodle, using prompts from #hobonichichallenge on Instagram.

Those 15 minutes of drawing 6 small doodles made me feel so joyful.

This is how I love to live my life, my journal next to me, a pencil case full of pens and other journaling essentials, a cup of tea and a purring kitty on the bed next to me.

That, to me, is perfect.

 this was my favorite of the six doodles :)


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