Monday, December 26, 2016

George Michael

My husband just told me the devastating news that George Michael has died.

I cried and said George was such a part of our story. He was one of the favorite artists of my husband and me. In fact, when moved in together, the only cd's we both had were George's and our song, the song that was so important to us throughout our relationship, was his Heal the Pain.

We were so blessed that we got to see him perform in 2011 during his Symphonica tour, my husband managed to book us front row seats. This is a picture of that concert.

George's voice was so beautiful. He was so beautiful. I hope he will be remembered for his music, he was such a good songwriter as well as singer. To me, he was a light in the world.

My heart is broken. There will never be new music from him, something I did hope for, still.

Rest In Peace, George.


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