Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ten things that make me feel good

A couple of years ago I felt awful. I was both in pain and had the flu. I knew I needed to write something to make me feel better, to get me out of the negative thought spiral.

I sat down, took a deep breath and wrote the basics of this list. It changes every time I write it down in a new journal. I love that!

  1. Writing and playing in my journal, every day.
  2. Writing, especially short poems like Haiku or Elfjes.
  3. Creating like mad :)
  4. Giving myself time. Resting when I need, sleep when I need. All to feel well again.
  5. Writing with fountain pens, spoiling myself with a new one every once in a while. Perfect!
  6. Musing about new things, just staring at the clouds waiting for inspiration.
  7. Taking great care of my body.
  8. Reading books I love, books I have read so often that they feel like home to me.
  9. Taking a bath. With oils. And a good book or a podcast. Heaven!
  10. Watching shows and movies I love.


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