Saturday, January 28, 2017

20 years

20 years and a day ago, I logged into my favorite IRC chatroom, an international one, and someone sent me a message.
We started to chat, and it turned out that we lived near each other. We found in an instant that we had a lot in common. We talked a lot during that first day, and I went to bed with a smile on my face that night.
Then, the next day, we talked some more and then we met face to face, and we have been together ever since :)
During those first chats, I jokingly asked him to marry me.
We got married exactly 3 years and 3 months after our first meeting.
Years later, he gave me a booklet with the log of our first chats. It was so wonderful to read those first words we've exchanged!
He is the love of my life, my rock, my man. I am so proud to be his wife.
Happy 20 year anniversary, Marco, and here's to many more!


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