Tuesday, January 3, 2017

5 don'ts for chronic pain

I am in the middle of a chronic pain flare as I write this. What better time to write a list of things you shouldn't do when you are in pain.

  1. Don't blame yourself. It happens. I get flares when I have taken good care of myself and when I don't. It just happens.
  2. Don't let anyone (including you) tell you that you did something wrong to be in pain. You aren't being punished for making mistakes, and you also (and this one is a biggie for me) repeating errors so you are punished again and again with pain. Pain just happens!
  3. Don't punish your body with crap food. Can't even tell you how often I have done that. It's a good way to escape, but you will feel worse in the end. What is your favorite healthy snack? Keep those in the house at all times :)
  4. Don't overdo. Pain flares are signs you need to nourish yourself with love and kindness and rest and compassion. Not tidy up the living room :)
  5. Don't get down. Flares just happen. Lean into them, love yourself more. Do something within your physical means that gives you joy. For me, that joy is in watching shows and doodling when my hand doesn't hurt. What's yours?


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