Saturday, January 21, 2017

Three Simple Steps to Enjoying Winter

My winter posts this week continue with a three simple steps post.

I am an asthmatic. My asthma is triggered by cold and humid winter air so, as you probably can guess I don't get out much in winter. Yet, I have learned to (mostly) love winter!

Not on this list: I am a writer, blogger, and poet, and I can write anywhere, no matter what. So cold winter days are perfect for me staying huddled behind the desk, writing my novel.

Step 1: take pictures! 
I love snow, and going out (or standing at the window) and taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram is such a joy!

Step 2: learn something 
One of the biggest things for me is setting myself up for studying new subjects this year. I am learning French right now, and meditation :) It's wonderful and my brain sparks with loads of ideas.

Step 3: go out 
The best way to enjoy winter is to go out when you can. For me, the best weather is frosty weather without a cloud in the sky. Putting on layers upon layers of clothes, and then going out. My best winter memories are of a walk on the beach and then sitting in a beach cafe having chocolate milk. Pure bliss!

What are your hacks for enjoying winter?


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