Sunday, February 26, 2017

Finding Stillness - Music

My word of the year 2017 is Stillness. I am exploring this in a series of blog posts on how I find stillness. The first post was on knitting.

I am sitting in my office today, the sun is setting outside of my window, coloring the world with a dusky blue hue.

Inside I am writing on my laptop, my music player feeds my ears with Radiohead. When I stop writing for a while, just close my eyes and breathe in, my mind is calm. The music is all there is.

Music from artists I love, Radiohead being the first and foremost, does this to my mind.

Sometimes, when my head is so full of worry, doubt, and fear, all that helps is listening to music I love, so I find stillness again.

That is such a blessing!


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