Saturday, February 4, 2017

I stand for peace

The world has become divided 
Into us and them, and I am lost 
I feel so pulled to be myself 
Playful, strong, open, loving 
And I feel pulled to withdraw 
Hide from the shouting masses
The world seems so hostile now 
Extravert trumps introvert in all ways 
War comes closer, seemingly 
Lines are drawn, insults are slung 
And, as darkness descends, I feel 
A deep sense of loss creeping in
Did I really grow up, to hide in my bed 
Blankets drawn up to keep out the 
Incessant screams of hatred and vile 
Did I really grow up to be silent 
Part of a mass that stands idly by 
While the world drowns in conflict
But, as I dry the tears shed in pain 
From the skin of my cheeks, I sit 
And know that I can also be peace 
Standing like an oak tree in the storm 
Still, unmoving, weathering, present 
Beacon of love, ready to give shelter


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