Thursday, March 23, 2017

Facebook... *sigh*

I have been off facebook for most of 2016. I missed my friends so I signed back in. And now, oh irony of all ironies,  I can't access my account.

They want me to send them a picture of my ID to prove that I am who I say I am.

Well, I am not going to do that. It is, after all, only a social media account, not a government agency.  One of the reasons I left was that I realized that I had become someone who fit a certain marketing profile, not a human being.

And. as I am writing this, I realize that they are pushing you to look at your privacy settings, and set them so you feel good with it. Yet, they have access to everything.

So, I am happily going through life without Facebook again. I am sad I will miss updates from my family and friends, but, I can connect with them in other ways, like via email.

And Facebook doesn't have access to that, yet :)


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