Sunday, March 26, 2017

Finding Stillness - Art

Finding Stillness is a series of blog posts on ways I find stillness without meditation. The previous installments are on knittingmusic, walkingdoodling and reading.

To me, art needs to evoke emotion. That emotion can be instant love or hate, and everything in between. 

The painting below, by the incomparable  J.M.W. Turner makes me feel still inside. I can look at this painting for hours. 

I want to stare at it and dive into it and see how he made his colors jump off the canvas in this one. What else I can see. 

In moments like that, especially when I am standing face to face with a canvas, all thoughts disappear, and stillness is in my bones, waiting for me to take a deep breath, in awe. 

Other artists have work that touches me, but no one but Turner can make me fall completely still. 

i was at a Turner exhibit here in the Netherlands last year, and people next to me were looking at his art with a critical eyes, this and that was wrong and this and that needed to be changed. 

And I stood there, looked at it and felt silence. I could not think of one single word to describe his art. It just is all emotion and no emotion for me. 

And that is such a wonderful gift!

Sun setting over a lake. J.M.W. Turner


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