Monday, March 6, 2017

monday goals - week 3

Time for another Monday Goals!

First: accountability :)

Body: 5x30 (was walk three times this week, but I saw the forecast and it's going to be horrible weather all week :( )
Made it to four days. Really happy with that, especially given the fact that I had a pain and asthma flare in the latter part of the week.

Home: finish the office
Only need to put some more books up for sale, otherwise I am good to go!

Mind: learn something new every day
Done! I love this one! What I have learned this week: CSS tricks, the story behind the Guernica, French, gained insights about metta meditation and some history of Edinburgh Castle.

Writing: Finish DCS second draft
Only have some really stubborn chapters to tackle. I've decided to let them rest for a couple of days and then look at them with fresh eyes.

And now, the goals for this week!

Body: 5x30 (aka exercise 30 minutes on 5 out of 7 days)
Home: finish bedroom decluttering and continue to put books on sale in the office
Mind: learn something new every day
Writing: Finish DCS second draft


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