Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Goals - Week 4

Every Monday I come to my blog to post about the goals I've set the week before, and set new goals for the week ahead. The goals are in four areas of my life. There may be more soon :) 

Body: 5x30 (aka exercise 30 minutes on 5 out of 7 days)
Done! Lots and lots of walking :) 

Home: finish bedroom decluttering and continue to put books on sale in the office
Bedroom is almost done, only need to ask my husband to move some stuff out of the room/house. All the books are on sale. Calling this one done!

Mind: learn something new every day
Done! I LOVE this so much. Every day I go somewhere online or to a book on my shelf, and learn something new. It's so enjoyable. I will post a log of my learnings next week. 

Writing: Finish DCS second draft. 
Calling this one close to being done too. Need to give it one final read through on paper before sending it to my writing partner, but that is basically a formality :) 

My goals for this week: 

Body: walk in the park on three days this week
Home: declutter the craft corner and move everything I keep into the cabinet in my office
Mind: learn something new every day
Writing: Send DCS to my writing partner after one readthrough, and edit two chapters on Bookstore. 


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