Thursday, March 2, 2017

Musings on Life

Life isn't supposed to be like this...

Have you ever thought something like that?

A line like that holds so much power. The moment you think it is not a moment of weakness or of lacking. It is a moment of change. The moment you think this, is the moment where you are moving towards yourself, your true self, even if you do not feel it like that in the moment of thinking.

The moment of thinking is usually surrounded by pain and sadness and confusion.

The moment of thinking is shrouded in darkness and feeling that there is no spark of light left in the world.

The spark of light at this moment is in the words you think.

Life isn't supposed to be like this.

This is your turning point. Your calling card. Your tremendous message to the world.

Life isn't supposed to be like this.

Really it isn't.

Invite in your light and let your soul take over control.


By sinking into what you loved to do as a child. Just let it happen. Just give over control and just... let it happen. Let everything happen and let it sink in to your bones. Let your truth rise to the surface of your life.

Life isn't supposed to be like this.

Life isn't supposed to be filled with fear and anxiety and all those other icky feelings that just drive you insane. Don't let them. Just do what you love.
Feel free. Liberated. Whole. You.


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