Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Restlessness, revisited

In January, I wrote a blog post on restlessness and I want to revisit that topic.

In the blog post, I state that sometimes I just want to change things just for change's sake, and often I just change back.

As a result of that post, I decided to keep my journaling system the same for the whole year. I knew what worked, both my bullet journal and my journal in pocket size, with a larger art journal on the side for art projects.

Then, somewhere last month, I decided to put both my journal and my bullet journal in my traveler's notebook, which is a collection of notebooks wrapped in a pretty cover.

Today I realized that I haven't used my bullet journal for almost a week. It didn't mean that I didn't do anything during those days, it just meant that I didn't feel pulled to write what I did.

There were all sorts of reasons why writing in my bullet journal had become a chore. It all came down to this: it just didn't work for me, joined up with the other books.

I know what works for me. I knew what works for me when I first wrote the blog post. To keep my bullet journal in a book separate from my journal. The bullet journal is mostly work. The journal is mostly play.

And I forgot what works for me. I became restless again.

It is a good lesson. I hope this is the last time I have to learn it. 😇


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