Monday, April 3, 2017

#AtoZChallenge - B is for bad

I am very good at taking bad care of myself. I can go a day without taking walks, brushing my teeth, without taking a bath, and without taking care of my skin.

 I have chosen those kinds of days at one point in my life.

I have chosen even worse days, where I pushed my body beyond its limits and made myself feel even worse the next day. Pain flares were a punishment for bad behavior and because they were, I became bad at managing the pain.

I could be mad about those days, but I could also choose something else.

I can choose to do better. Bad self-care habits always come with a hint of a better way.

Every day, I can choose to take better care of myself. I can choose to listen to my body.

All it takes is to see that good self-care is as much of a choice as Bad self-care.


  1. Over the years I've learned not to beat myself up too badly when I don't get out walking or I spend the entire night binge-watching CSI on DVD. Life is finite, but it is here to enjoy!

  2. Hi Sylvia - sometimes we just live the 'bad way' - but we're living and enjoying life at that stage as best we can. I try and do the best I can for me - one's body at the end of one's life is important ... sadly I'm at that point and need it to keep me going! Good luck with taking care of yourself ... Cheers Hilary



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