Thursday, April 6, 2017

#AtoZChallenge - E is for Energy

Through the years I have learned ways to make sure that I have energy on a certain day.

As I have low energy levels at times, I know these tips work :)

Here are my top tips!

  1. Sleep enough. That is a hard one for an insomniac like me, but there is always a powernap opportunity :) 
  2. Drink smoothies, especially veggie smoothies for lunch. I have had many days where I thought I couldn't do anything, had a smoothie and then did more than I thought I could. 
  3. Take pain killers when pain flares. This one is a hard one, but I find that being in pain costs loads of energy. 
  4. Do morning yoga. This one is critical for energy throughout the day. 
  5. Rest the day before you have something big planned. 
  6. Don't eat anything with refined sugar in it. When you have low energy levels you notice more rapidly what drains your energy. This is one of them. Eat natural sweets like dates instead when you crave sugar or have a fruit juice. 
  7. Walk daily. This fits in with the morning yoga. Daily walks show me that energy begets energy. 
  8. Meditate or do something else that helps you to calm the mind, like one of the ways I write about in Finding Stillness. A calm mind doesn't burn energy by thinking too much :) 
  9. Have quiet evenings. This ties in with #1. Quiet evenings, where you don't do much that can keep you awake, like watching TV too much. I try to read every night and that helps me to fall asleep more easily. 
What ways do you use to get more energy?


  1. For me, sleeping enough is the most important. And I never watch TV on the evenings.

    Eva - Mail Adventures

  2. Getting enough sleep seems to be the biggest, and hardest.

  3. These all sound like very good ideas. I have trouble with the one about pain medication. I usually avoid doing that and it does sap my energy.
    Finding Eliza

  4. Thanks for the post of these ideas. The pain medication one is interesting. My doctor once told me that ibuprofen is my friend! I don't take it very often, but it works when I do.

  5. Hi Sylvia - the more you do - the more energy you have to do more - well that's what I find ... but I know I'm healthy and thus lucky - cheers Hilary

  6. My kiddos always keep me smiling.Laughter is the best medicine :) Dropping in on the A to Z

    1. Forgot to enter my blog url for the challenge...

  7. I should make a copy of this. Great advice! Take care!



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