Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#AtoZChallenge - P is for Pain


Ever since I wrote down this topic for my A to Z brainstorm, I had a knot in my stomach.


Because it is something I don't talk about in great detail. I don't have a reason why, but mostly it is because I have a positive attitude most of the time, and talking about it drags me down.

The topic is pain in relation to self-care.

I have a constant pain level that I have learned to live with, crazy as it sounds. I know how to avoid flares, and I know how to keep attacks at bay.

Sometimes though, the pain flares, and it can flare badly. It can flare so bad that I crawl into bed and pull the blankets over my head until it stops.

I am learning not to use food to punish my body for being in pain, but the emotions still can run high. I have my daily 5 minutes of whining, where I am allowed to sit and be miserable. After that, I continue watching a favorite show or I play.

I have found that I can do certain paper crafts when I am in pain. I can also still journal, although not as much as I usually do. Some days I completely skip, because I just don't feel like it. That's ok too.

Something that has really helped me is to write down what sort of pain day I have. Every morning I sit and feel how my pain levels are, and if the answer is bad, I give myself permission to do nothing useful. I pamper myself, do whatever I want and make sure I am comfy.

And that is the best gift I can give to myself at those times. I have noticed that the better I take care of myself and give my body what it needs, the faster my pain levels are back to normal.

Such a wonderful present. :)


  1. Pain... Can identify with that! I have the bottom four discs out in my back from a sledding accident in 1982. Nothing they want to do till I'm actually not getting around anymore. You're so right. You just learn to live with a certain amount of pain... Good luck!

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  2. The word pain has come out with complete feeling in your writing.. It's so nice to know how each of us cope up with it.. Writing is my way too..

  3. Hi Sylvia - I think knowing what is going on and adjusting to things must help enormously ... so glad for you - take care - cheers Hilary



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