Friday, May 12, 2017

100 word story - tea

I've forgotten how to brew tea. I don't remember the number of scoops per pot, the cooking time of the water.
What is my favorite cup? Is it the chipped mint one or the red?
Why do I have only one spoon?
There is something humming constantly, like a fat bumblebee. Funny, I know the word bumblebee. Have I ever seen one?
The humming gets louder. Something beeps, hurting my ears.
Why do I feel I am in trouble?
I need my tea.
The ship is under attack.
I am in space. I think we're at war...
Oh dear.


  1. That was great, well done. It reminds me of how my mind works jumping around instead of focusing on just making the tea :)

    1. yes exactly :) I love how the mind flitters around especially under pressure :)

  2. Well done Sylvia ... clever I shall now think about tea differently ... cheers Hilary



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