Sunday, May 7, 2017

Finding Stillness - Baths

Finding Stillness is a series of blog posts on ways I find stillness without meditation. The previous installments are on knittingmusic, walkingdoodlingreading and art

As I am sitting here, I hear the water of my bath running. It always takes about 15 minutes to fill up the tub, and that is the exactly perfect time for me to write this post.

No matter how frazzled I feel, how intensely stressed, how much pain rules my body, the moment my body sinks into the water, I feel a sigh of contentment rise up in my chest.

The feeling of that warm water and the way it plays with my skin is of an almost childlike joy.

In that one sigh, and in the breaths that follow, my baths make me feel stillness. I stare up at the skylight over the bath and imagine the sun or moon above, and feel their light shine on me.

This is what makes bathtime not only still, but also sacred.


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