Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It's ok

It's ok
Sometimes it sucks
Sometimes you feel like crap
And that nothing will ever get better
But as long as you breathe
There's always going to be
A day where you wake up
And feel your strength again
And sing a song as you
Start your day with a smile

It's ok
To feel let down sometimes
To feel lost in your emotions
And drown in so much dread for
The day that is coming up
But as long as you have faith
That tomorrow will be better
It will be, in ways you don't see
Only in hindsight you will notice
The day had so much wonder

It's ok
To hide from the world
To hide yourself to heal
And become well again
Or at least well enough
To greet the next day with
Hope and confidence that
It will get better, it always does
So let go, rest up and give
Your body what it needs


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