Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My new schedule!

Yesterday I wrote my first post in a week's time. I hadn't intended to wait so long to post, I just needed time to ponder my blog.

I feel the need to stick to a structure that fits my life and my writings.

When reflecting on my blog, I came to the conclusion that the posts I love to write the most all contain some sort of inspiration. Things shared from my life, and the lessons I have learned.

Another kind of post I love to write is my weekly short stories, specifically the 100 words ones. They are a massive challenge to write and I love to write them so much because of that. They make me a better writer.

My weekly goal posts aren't very well visited, but I love them, and I am using them to help me find a path towards myself, so those stay too :)

And lastly, the posts I love to write are on finding stillness, every Sunday.

All in all, this starts to look like a schedule :)

And that is scary because I hate schedules usually! But, I have the feeling this will work as it is all something I love to write about and I don't have the pressure to write every day.

As I have said in my post on changing it up, I want to write/share more on my creative life. That is the title of this blog and that means that it should be in there too :) As my creativity moves like the sea, sometimes in leaps and bounds, sometimes quietly, I will set aside some days on my blog to post poetry, posts about creativity and everything about my projects.

So, let's see my schedule!

Monday:Weekly Goals
Friday:100-word stories
Sunday:Finding Stillness

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays: Whenever I want to write about my creative life, that's when those posts will appear :)


  1. Hi Sylvia .. well done - I'll be around occasionally ... take care and be super creative and healthy ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you so much, Hilary, and same for me on your blog! :)

  2. I think having a general flow makes blogging easier ... I've been contemplating that for myself. I am relaunching my blog next week, looking forward to getting back into the writing, the sharing, and the connections.

    1. Good luck on your relaunch, I will follow you around too :) And yes, a schedule really helps, also keeps my content consistent.



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