Monday, June 19, 2017

Creative goals for week 25

Wow that week zoomed by fast! Setting my goals for creativity was a resounding success.

I have created a lot more, and it made me more eager to check off tasks on my to do list during week too.

I will keep this up, definitely :) Now, let's review my goals of last week.

Blog - pre-write several blog posts for the upcoming weeks
Done! One post to transpose and three more posts to write and then I am all scheduled up for two weeks.

Poetry - write and share 3 poems on Instagram

Learn - watch a video on watercolor techniques and try them all
Didn't do this one, but I did watch a lot of art journaling videos and learned a lot. So I guess I can check this one off too, in a way :)

Art - work on/in my art journal every day
Done! This was such a joy :D

Scrap journaling - film my latest finished journal and post to my YouTube Channel
DONE! Posted it here

Now for next week's goals, I am not going to set formal challenges as I am off to Glastonbury this week.

I do want to doodle each day and to dance a lot :) I will keep you posted in two weeks on how that went <3

What are your creative goals for this week?


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