Monday, June 5, 2017

Goals for week 23

Last week I started to set goals with love and it was so awesome! I can't even begin to describe what this goal did to me, and I am forever grateful that this spark came into my life. 

Before I head into this week's goals, a recap and reflection of last week's

Love my body: dance every day, and dancing can be wiggling my feet or a full blown half hour session. All is good.
I have danced every day, sometimes I danced through a whole album, sometimes I sat in bed and danced with my toes and upper body. It is such a joyful experience. Dancing connects me to my playful inner child, and we giggle up a storm when I am done

Love my creativity: edit up a storm and sending the first draft to my writing partner.
DONE! It was such a draining experience, really. Sending that completely tormented first draft to my writing partner in all its imperfection was definitely a challenge, but I am so happy it is out of my hands now for a while. Definitely ready to change things up for this week! 

Love my mind: finish reading two of the books on my reading list, one fiction, one non-fiction.
DONE! I have finished reading three books last week :) 

Love my soul: daily gratitude sessions at my altar, to end every day with love.
I haven't done them at my altar each day as I had a pain flare over the weekend, but gratitude has been a part of every day. 

Love my home: make the office a sanctuary. Some days this will mean just sitting there and doing some writing, other days it means decluttering. All is good.
I was writing down that I had failed at this. Then I remembered I did do a lot of decluttering during the weekend. I haven't been doing a lot of working in it, though. Writing happened in the living room at the big table and in bed.  :) 

And now, without further ado, this week's goals! 

Love my body: Dance every day. I loved this so much last week, that I continue it. It's also great practice for the festival we head to later this month :) 
Love my creativity: Make candles and write at least three tiny poems for instagram this week 
Love my mind: Read every day on topics that interest me, broaden my mind
Love my soul: Pull a daily tarot/oracle card and just write what intuition tells me instead of diving into the accompanying books first. 
Love my home: Sort all the donate items and box them up so they can go out of the house this weekend. 


  1. Hi Sylvia .. so glad the goals are helping you through .. sounds as though you are achieving ... good luck for this week - looks the way forward ... cheers Hilary



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