Monday, July 17, 2017

Creative Goals for this week

It's that time again: setting goals for this week!

First. let me start with the accountability part of this week's post:

Blog - Share sneak peak of one of the creative projects I am working on + what I will do with my scrap journal
This was a big fat failure. I did film my scrap journal but haven't posted that video here yet :)

Poetry - write and share 3 poems on Instagram

Learn - add another chord to my ukulele arsenal and, if health permits, learn how to use my Gelli plate and make some pages for my scrap journal
Learned two chords! Still too much asthma trouble to work with the Gelli plate, hopefully, this week!

Art - Daily doodles in my art journal + one new a2 sized piece
doodled every day! Didn't make the a2 sized piece due to health issues again, but made a lot of other drawings, so I am going to "cheat" and call this done.

Scrap journaling - Do a bit more work on my journal and make an "in progress" video for Youtube.
This is done! Well, didn't post the vid on YouTube but on my Instagram :)

Creative Projects - Select Elfjes for an upcoming mini book
Did a bit of work on this, but did more on another project

And now, the goals for this week

Blog: write a post about my art journal and how it helps me
Poetry: 5 poems on IG (3 isn't a challenge anymore :D)
Learn: Gelli plate, take 3!
Scrap journaling: 3 art pages
Creative projects: finish the texts for my Oracle deck

What are your creative goals?


  1. I am impressed with the goals you have met and your new ones for this week, I am sure you can accomplish them.



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