Monday, July 10, 2017

Creative goals for week 28

It's Monday already, time for some creative goal setting!

I am always late with these posts, I want to set my goals in my Bullet Journal first and then write them here, gives me time to ponder :)

Before I share my new goals, here is how I did with those I set last week!

Blog - Share at least one creative post this week, next to the regularly scheduled posts. 
Done! Posted my week in Instagram poems on Saturday.

Poetry - write and share 3 poems on Instagram

Learn - learn how to use my Gelli plate and make some pages for my scrap journal
Didn't do this one, as I've had issues with my asthma and I didn't want to trigger it with paint :) I DID, however, pick up my ukulele and learned 4 chords. Wheeeeee So I did learn this week and I am calling this creatively done!

Art - Daily doodles in my art journal + one new a2 sized piece
daily doodles *check!*, a2 sized piece Nope, due to the aforementioned health issues.

Scrap journaling Start to work in my new journal
Done! few pages prepped, more waiting for magic, some are "finished" (which means I am ok with it until I go back through the journal and think of new things to add when I am done with other pages. It's a process 🙂 )

And now, without further ado, my creative goals for this week, including a new one, which is a flashback to a post I wrote last Wednesday on finishing creative projects: 

Blog - Share sneak peak of one of the creative projects I am working on + what I will do with my scrap journal
Poetry - write and share 3 poems on Instagram
Learn - add another chord to my ukulele arsenal and, if health permits, learn how to use my Gelli plate and make some pages for my scrap journal
Art - Daily doodles in my art journal + one new a2 sized piece
Scrap journaling - Do a bit more work on my journal and make an "in progress" video for youtube 
Creative Projects - Select Elfjes for an upcoming mini book 


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