Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Finishing creative projects

I went to Glastonbury two weeks ago today (time flies!) and I brought a mini notebook with me to track the acts we saw there and other adventures.

When I opened the notebook I saw I had used it before: I'd written down a list of creative projects I wanted to work on.

I felt so ashamed when I realized that:
a. I had written that list years ago
b. nothing on the list had been published
and, most importantly
c. I still desperately wanted to bring them into the world.

When I came home I took those pages in my hand and started to make detailed to-do lists for each of those projects in Google Keep. I am still in the process of doing so.

And I don't skimp on those tasks. The smaller, the better. The reason for this is twofold,
1. I get to check off things from lists. Very satisfying!
2. I have tasks that I can do no matter how I feel. When I have rest days I can still do simple things like cropping pictures.

Then, every day, I work on one of the projects. I pick a task from either list and add it to my bullet journal

Yesterday, for instance, I worked on a blogging project. Today, I'm working on redesigning cards for my oracle deck.

By the end of the year, I hope to have a big list of published/finished projects. It's about damn time!

What projects do you have shelved for all sorts of reasons? What can you do to bring them into the world?


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