Wednesday, July 19, 2017

On beauty

A long time ago I wrote this:

This snippet has been drifting in and out of my mind these past days. Having this kind of faith has been hard to maintain, especially in the light of all that happened in the world these past months.

And yet, I post this little snippet of text again, because I have to keep believing in it. I have to keep seeing the little flower bursting through the crack in the concrete of hate.

I have to keep writing my blog posts, and my little poems and my books and I have to keep creating my art. If I stop believing in beauty, I stop believing in myself.

I have to keep sharing love and kindness and offer my listening ear to those who need to talk because staying silent is no longer an option.

Because standing for peace amidst chaos is the only way that will save the most beautiful of all, the soil under our feet.


  1. Hi Sylvia - those are great thoughts .. and we need to be sharing our positive thoughts and our belief that the world and the world nearer to us will be happy and peaceful as time goes on = keeping ourselves at peace is the important thing ... cheers Hilary



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