Sunday, August 13, 2017

Finding Stillness - Chords

Finding Stillness is a weekly series on ways I find stillness without meditating. follow the tag to read the other posts.

A month ago I picked up the ukulele I had bought years ago with the intent to learn to play one of my favorite songs ever: Creep by Radiohead.

Ever since, one of my morning routines is grabbing my pretty little purple uke and then play begins.

I start with tuning, as one does, then my right hand seeks the strings (I am left handed) and practice chord changes first.

Before I thought that was grueling work, hence the unused state of my ukulele, now it brings me such joy.

No matter how I feel beforehand, when I put down my ukulele, I am all present and smiling.


  1. Well done Sylvia ... I couldn't listen - as I'm not an Instagram member ... such is life - but it's great if you can find peace and happiness by playing your Ukulele ... cheers Hilary

    1. Oh! That is strange :( I thought it would work for everyone regardless if they are a member. May have to upload to youtube then :) Thanks for your visit! Many blessings!



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