Monday, August 28, 2017

Finding stillness - eating

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We have spent the whole weekend with my side of the family, and the traditional ending of those weekends usually is a dinner in a restaurant.

This weekend we went to a self service restaurant that had food from the world over.

To my delight I found some vegetable sushi among the wonderful vegetarian dishes they offered.

I put some sushi on a dish, added some soy sauce to the side, and then sat down to eat.

I ate it slowly, savoring every morself of it. It was so delicious. I took a deep breath and took a bite of the next one. I tasted so much in that one bite.

There was a lot of noise around me, people walked back and forth with their food, people from my table returned with their food, the wait staff removed my empty glass... And I was on a planet of my own, where my own food brought such delight that I fell still inside.

Mindful eating is not a natural thing to me, often I eat without wondering what I taste.

But that moment, in that busy restaurant, was pure bliss.


  1. Hi Sylvia - sounds a great idea ...and so glad you so obviously thoroughly enjoyed each tiny flavour - cheers Hilary



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