Friday, September 8, 2017

100 word story - waking up

I woke to the face of my cat, staring at me.
I mumbled, drowsily, "Are you wondering if I would ever wake up?"
My cat stared at me and blinked.
She stood up, turned a circle and then lay down again, purring.
"You have a good life, cat."
I scritched her behind her ears, and she purred even deeper.
I stared at the clock and it blinked19:20 at me.
When did I fall asleep? I couldn't remember
I stood up, opened my curtains.
Stars flashed by, rapidly.
I rubbed my eyes and looked again.
Why was I in space?


  1. Hi Sylvia - if you were awake - it's great you can remember .. and what a special place to be - cheers Hilary



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