Thursday, September 21, 2017

It is autumn, time to let go

It is autumn, trees are starting to show us one last, colorful, spectacle before dropping their leaves, the air is crisp and fresh, and nature shows us a fabulous spectacle of clouds. It is a time to put away the flimsy clothes of summer, and to start getting the sweaters out, ready for winter.

It is a perfect time to let go of what holds you back. Get rid of unwanted things around your home (you can use my decluttering tag to find some tips), and create a comfortable space for these cold winter months coming up.

You can also let go of parts of yourself that you no longer need in your life.

I love to do this ritual:

You will need:

  1. A soft, non-toxic pencil
  2. Some leaves (see step 1)
  3. A thick sharpie, any colour
  4. One sheet of beautiful paper. 

Step 1
Go into your garden, a forest or park, and gather some big leaves. Take them to your sacred space, a space in your home where you love to be. and think of words that signify what you would like to let go of. For instance: insecurity, impatience, grumpiness.
Take a deep breath, and write down the word on the leaf. Put the leaf aside, and take another, for a new word.
Keep your focus on this. It is an exercise in mindfulness, being in the moment, with all you are.

Step 2
When you feel you are done, go back to the forest or park, and one by one release your leaves.The earth will take care of them now. You can also plant these leaves with some flower bulbs in a pot of in your garden. Just give them a place where Mother Earth can take care of them. Release them with gratitude. They have served you a long time, you no longer need them. They are free.

Step 3
After you have released the leaves, go back home and get the paper and sharpie. Go back to your sacred space, and meditate on a word to signify what you want to gain this winter. Choose a word that radiates positivity. This is your Intention.

Write this word down BIG, and hang the sheet somewhere you can see it every day. Journal your thoughts on this every week during the coming winter.

You can do this ritual only once this autumn, but you can also repeat it when you realize there is something else that no longer serves your life purpose. Embrace the autumn, and let go of all that holds you back from living a joyful life.


  1. Hi Sylvia - it is a time of change and renewal ... even hibernating for a while ... great thoughts for living a joyful life full of energising life ... cheers Hilary



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