Sunday, October 8, 2017

Finding stillness - cooking

Finding Stillness is a weekly series on ways I find stillness without meditating. Follow the tag to read the other posts.
I got up early this morning to make us both some oatmeal.
I poured in the precise measurements of the milk, and then weighed the oats while the milk began to boil.
I poured the oats into the milk and then stirred.
I set my timer and waited, stirring occasionally, my eyes in the pot, keeping an eye on the oats that danced in the milk.
I stirred, chopped some nuts, sliced bananas, and then, finally, the timer rang.
I scooped the oatmeal into the waiting bowls, decorated it with all the extra ingredients, and then sat down to eat it.
All the time I was fully present. All that existed was the act of cooking our food. All that existed was the spoon stirring the thickening oatmeal.
All that existed was my breath.
Cooking is such a wonderful act of finding stillness. Making soup is also such a wonderful meditation.
I know that the next time I need stillness, I will turn to the kitchen *smiles*


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